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Creative Custom Components, LLC is a
complete turn-key shop where discriminating companies are our best customers.

We are organized to provide you with the exact capabilities that you need.  It begins with our draftsmen who can assist in the design of your products.  Next, our production staff will precisely manufacture your components to your exact specifications with a dedication to quality and service.

We design and engineer products for our Oak Pointe Stair Systems division, and we often do it for our customers.  At times our customers have a product that they want us to make and they supply all of the information that we need, sometimes even a CAD drawing.  Most of the time our customers are looking for input from us.  It may be something as simple as here is what we want, can you help us re-engineer it to reduce the manufacturing cost.  At the other end of the spectrum, we have people coming to us with a hand sketch of a product but they have no idea how to engineer it. We excel at these projects as we have an in-house machine shop with a full-time machinist on staff as well as an in-house tooling department and we offer full CAD services.  Among other things, the machine shop allows us to build fixtures to produce custom products and our ability to do our own tooling 100% in-house helps us expedite new projects with large quantities.  CAD drawings of all custom products are sent to the customer for approval; recently many of these drawings are 3D.

We listen to our customers and tailor our services to their needs.We are able and willing to design a project, building the tooling in-house, manufacture it, finish it, prep it for and/or install hardware, package it, produce custom box labels and more!

Hollow Turnings

» Cam Turnings
Such As Octagons and Squares

» Wood Turnings up
to 124" L x 15" D

» CNC & Hydraulic Copy Lathes and Rotary Production Lathes

» Finishing: Primed,
Painted, Clear-
Coat, and Stained

» Close Tolerance

» Deep Hole Drilling

» In-house Tooling Including Profile Grinding

» CAD Design

» Bar Coding

» Hardware

» Quantities:

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